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If like me, you’re trying to balance work, home and social life and stay healthy with food that will give the energy you need to see you to the end of your day, that in itself is a challenge. So, I was happy to have the opportunity to touch base with Patricia from Organic Cookery to learn something new about food.

Organic Cookery is a compilation of recipes, advice and ways to help and inspire you to achieve optimum wellbeing. Content for Organic Cookery is backed up by the latest scientific research in functional medicine, which means all the recipes ensure you have enough energy and your digestive system is working for you and not against you.

I asked Patricia what advice would she give to her audience? “Make wellbeing long lasting and not a diet. The most important things are for you to start gaining a whole new appreciation for self and prove it to yourself with really small steps”.

For more information: www.theorganiccookery | email:

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