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Making Changes

Everyday we have to make adjustment to our lives due to illness. We can either take those adjustments as a positive or negative, Laura decided on the latter.

Tell us what happened Laura?

Shortly after my 50th birthday I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes

This must have come as a shock to you?

Yes, it did as I’ve always been active, attending the gym up to 5 times a week, my BMI is around 25 and I’m not over weight.

What changes did you make?

I was put on metformin which gave me stomach problems and made my hair thin, it really wasn’t a good time for me. I decided to increase my attendance at the gym and added weight lifting classes like Body FX to my fitness schedule, I also started doing Pilates. My aim was to increase my metabolism and help my cells become less insulin resistant. I decided to change my diet to low carbohydrates high fats (LCHF). On the LCHF diet your body learns to use fats instead of sugars as fuel. Since fats do not have any effect on blood sugars (unlike carbohydrates which are broken down into sugars) this seemed a sensible way of controlling my diabetes.

What happened next?

In the first three months I accidentally lost two stones and all the fat around my waist. I reversed my diabetes and was able to come off the medication, I’ve found a way to control my diabetes and kept my weight off.

How do you feel now?

Almost one year on from diagnosis I feel fitter than before and have a whole new wardrobe to prove it. I have more energy and no longer get sleepy after lunch.

There is no going back…..

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