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Sophia Ellis-My Story

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

What made you decide to become a power lifter and what was your diet before power lifting?

My journey to Powerlifting was a pretty surreal experience. I had suffered with severe Anorexia, Bulimia, BPD and Depression for the past 5 years, couple with an awful diet due to constantly starving myself, bingeing and purging. Prior to this illness I was always the one to join every sports club going, and very much dedicated to my football and athletics.

It crushed me when I was too weak to participate in exercise. Last year, I was discharged from the Royal Maudsley hospital which left me very much on my own to deal with the recovery. I started to follow a weight training programme and found the gym really helped release stress and take my mind off the voices in my head. It also gave me mental clarity and a place to escape. I began to post my workouts routines on my Instagram; people started making comments on how strong I looked and suggested powerlifting. I’ve been powerlifting for 5 months now and have qualified for Nationals which is something I’ve never even considered.

What changes did you make and how hard was the process?

I reached out for professional help which was very important because the illness

became so severe. I needed to rewire my brain and literally went through every

treatment you can think of plus hospitalised a few times, it was a very difficult time. I

started writing gratitude journals which made me appreciate the little things in my life.

The gym and yoga made me feel strong mentally and physically and the benefits

were just amazing. My eating habits improved alongside increasing physical activity

which made a huge difference. Once you start eating well, your mood changes,

which changes your mindset. I started to have a different perspective of life, one that

I wanted to LIVE and enjoy.

What advice would you give people wanting to go into power lifting?

Either find a club or get a coach, it is so important to get a programme created specifically to you. I found having a coach who supports you like mine does has improved my powerlifting skills & confidence massively. He has also helped me to grow as a coach and a person. I’m so lucky to be a part of the Powerlifting community, they’re so amazing and everyone just wants to support everyone!

Lifting heavy stuff makes you feel so badass! Haha! 

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